Tuesday, June 10, 2008

ivan is back again

sorry everyone. I was so so so busy with my english presentation, mid-term exam and bla bla bla this few weeks. siao. so I was unable to update my blog. =)
so which one should I start first?
let's talk about the Manchester United's Barclays Premier League Trophy Tour 2008 at 1utama shopping mall first. seriously, it was my first ever time in my life watched the BPL trophy! nothing much to talk about this. coz we just went there and lined up to take photos with the BPL trophy. then we had to rush back to our college to attend the IT class. hehe :p

I went back to kt for a few days. coz it has been a long time I didn't go back to visit my family ady. futhermore, my previous watch had spoiled ady. so have to get a new one from my parent.
on the 2nd day there, me together with the ex-ss friends gathered at the Town City restaurant.
then we decided to change to location to the bora-bora coz of some stupid issues. After that, we moved to the next spot, the beach. Throughout the night, we chat a lof a lof of stuff. about our future, education, gossip-ing other people and bla bla bla. :p
so overall, it was quite enjoyable gathering. :)

luckily I went back to kt for a few days only. It was damn bloody boring over there! kt seems like become a dead town! =.= nothing much there. most of my friends was not there somemore. aiz.
after spending a few days there, then I went back to kl again. have to study again. -.-
thats all :P

Manchester United's Barclays Premier League trophy

Me & Gideon with the trophy

gathering june08

Monday, May 19, 2008

SMS on radiation wave a hoax

" People should not accept everything as the truth

just because they receive an SMS "

PETALING JAYA: Two telcos have dismissed the text message, which went around on Saturday telling people to turn off their mobile phones before 11pm, as a hoax.

A source from DiGi and a Maxis spokesman said Sunday that the message was either a prank or misconstrued information.

The text message read: “Please switch OFF all ur handphones 2NITE. According to Metro TV, there will be a BIG RADIATION WAVE circulating thru the handphone towers at 11PM 2nite which is very DANGEROUS to humans. Pls inform ur friends NOT 2 keep their phones with them. Please FORWARD. Rgds.”

“People should not accept everything as the truth just because they receive an SMS,” the DiGi source said.

A spokesman for Maxis advised the public – and especially the company's customers – to ignore the SMS.

“There is no 'big radiation wave' between telecommunication towers that will be dangerous to humans.”

sources from: http://thestar.com.my/news/story.asp?file=/2008/5/19/nation/21294753&sec=nation

AC Milan will play Uefa Cup next season

what the hell is going on? AC Milan will play Uefa Cup next season? =.=
AC Milan just managed to clinch number 5th spot in the Italian Seria A league due to their poor form this season.. so they're totally out of the Uefa Champions League spot next season! what a waste. can't even watch football superstar like Kaka and Pato playing next season. aiz. what a waste, what a waste..

A.C. Milan's Brazilian midfielder Kaka (L) and teammate countryman
forward Pato will not feature in the Uefa Champions league next season

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Please don't mention the word "chicken" in front of me! lol

Please don't mention the word "chicken" in front of me again! I'm sick of that! lol.
after we went to church, then we decided to take our lunch at Hartz (chicken buffet) which is situated inside the Sunway Pyramid. We was like " darat hulu " ! non-stop taking the fried chicken and all sort of stuff there ! we were totally insane =.= then our table was fulled with foods! the other people who sat besides us kept looking at us!!! they was like "wah...siao one ar these fellows? eat till so much? they can finish it or not?" then Ivan replied them " tengok apa tengok ? dok pernoh tengok orang makang? kepok kepala kan....hahaha.." joking only.. =)
At last, all of us were very very fulled! over-loaded ady! swt...
so in conclusion, it was a really worthy lunch we have ever had. :P

Lets conquer Hartz ! :P

Huh?it is more than enough!!

Let's finish everything! XD

Har? still got so much left?!! siao...

Gideon!!! finish it all!!!! haha

What the...still got one big cup of ice-cream for me?! =.=

Surrender~over-loaded doh. =.=

today is the 1st time ivan went to chuch!

today I went to a church called FCC called "Faith Christian Church" together with Gideon, Komeng, Holliess and me.... guess what? this is the first time I went to church! what am I doing there since I am a buddhist? erm..actually my friends ajok me de..then i go la..since I got nothing better to do at hostel also. just sleep. haha. besides, I also didn't went there before, so I want to experience a brand new things there lor.
actually I enjoy much inside the church la. enjoy listening to the songs and I met a lot of friends there! all the people there are very friendly! hehe.... so if I am free next time, I might go there again! hehe..

Half of me and KoMeng inside the church =)

Saturday, May 17, 2008

16th of May 2008

16th of may 2008..what a busy and hectic day...
today early in the morning I was already busy preparing for my first ever business proposal presentation for IT! Before I start my presentation, I was pretty confident that I am going to do it well and I didn't feel nervous at all! haha.. But things turn upside-down!!! when I start my presentation, I start feeling quite nervous.. I was like bubbling during my presentation.lol. After all, I think that I did it badly.
But all my friends think that i present it well. Then I was like " stop making fun of me! I knew I presented it badly!!! " haha..

After my IT class, I went back to my hostel and watch Thomas Cup 2008!!! Malaysia vs China!
that time , I really hope Malaysia can win!!! but at last, lost gok...thanks to Koo-Tan !!argh....
After they lost to the China pair, MengChun and me was like got no mood to watch ady. seems like Mas is going to lose soon. haha...
After that, we decide to go to Sunway Pyramid to watch The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian together with yiwen,andrina and chung. We were late for 15mins for the show!!! shit...thanks to the traffic jam!! but luckily we still managed to watch it la. This movie was awesome! It was a 2 and a half hour show!!!! cool~
To those who are interested in this movie, should go and watch it!! hehe. =)
After we finish watching the movie, then we took our dinner at Mr.Teppanyaki and at last we went back to our hostel.
What a tiring day ever. =.=


ivan is back! lol

Hey.sorry everyone.it have been a long time that I didn't update my blog ady. I was really really busy this week. busy with business proposal, quiz, and spent a lot of time in my studies. my Mid-term test is just around the corner! aiz...must study hard ady lor. especially Computer Principle! still got a lot of things that needed to read ..

please pay attention everyone! yi wen's birthday coming soon! it is on the 22nd of May yea! don forget huh.. hehe..

study study! mid-term exam is just around the corner! =)

I can pronoun these words within 4 seconds!
so I deserved 1 free big mac coupon! hehe